Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse and Harassment

Child-on-child abuse can take various forms and include serious bullying, relationship abuse, domestic violence, child sexual exploitation, harmful sexual behaviour, and/or gender-based violence.

This form of abuse occurs when there is any kind of physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse or coercive control exercised between young people. It includes bullying, cyberbullying, sexual violence, harassment and sexting.


It should be recognised that the behaviour in question is harmful to both the perpetrator (who is the young person) and the victim.

For signs, resources and guidance on how to deal with this form of abuse please download the leaflet:

Child-on-child sexual abuse and harassment


Complex Safeguarding

Complex Safeguarding


Physical Chastisement and the Law

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This is a briefing for DSL’s on Physical Chastisement and the Law


Thresholds of Need (Multi-Agency Decision Framework 2021)

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The Multi-Agency Decisions Framework is intended to assist those who work with children, young people and their families to make decisions about levels of need and the most appropriate response.


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