Safeguarding for the City of Manchester

The Manchester Safeguarding Partnership is made up of organisations that work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of adults, children, young people and their families across the city of Manchester.

Manchester’s Multi-Agency Safeguarding Arrangements (MMASA)

This website brings together information for the wider our Manchester community – adults, children, young people and their families; the practitioners and volunteers who work with them; and the residents and businesses who want to help us achieve our aims.

To learn more about our work please see our annual report below

Our Vision

Is to ensure best safeguarding practice through a multi-agency approach. We work with our partners and the public, to act as a hub for safeguarding in Manchester.

All training is delivered multi-agency, to ensure our approach. Alongside the idea that information sharing and working together is the key to effective safeguarding.

The MSP Business Unit

Manchester Safeguarding Partnership Manager:

Responsible for the management of the partnership business unit and the working of the partnership, ensuring that all partners positively contribute our vision of working together to create a place where all children and adults in Manchester are safe, free from abuse and neglect and supported to live happy and healthy lives.


Senior Quality Assurance Officer:

Ensure key agencies are working together effectively to safeguard children, young people and adults across Manchester. Carrying out assurance activities such as case audits, performance data, as well as ensuring that as a partnership we are listening to direct feedback from citizens.

Learning, Engagement and Partnership Coordinators:

Work to effectively engage with partners, agencies and the public by disseminating information and increasing awareness of safeguarding, reviews and events.


MSP Coordinators:

Support the Manchester Safeguarding Partnership Business Unit, Children and Adults/ Multi Agencies Training offer and Senior Management Partnership Meetings and Subgroups.


Assurance and Review Coordinators:

Work closely with our multi-agency Safeguarding Partners to coordinate the work of the Practice Review Sub-group and contribute to the effective delivery of the Partnership’s purpose and functions.


To contact the MSP Business Unit:

MSP Business Unit location:
Manchester Town Hall Extension
Albert Square
PO Box 532
Manchester, M60 2LA.

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