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If you have any problems please contact the lead officer for your Board or subgroup.

PA’s and secretaries who require access to papers on behalf of a Board or subgroup member will be required to register – if you have any queries about this please contact the the lead officer for the Board or subgroup.

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If you are trying to register for a MSB Training course or online training you need to go to our training website  PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND REGISTER AS A MEMBER OF THE MSB TRAINING POOL.

Using the MSB members pages – Information Security

By registering to use the MSB members pages, you are agreeing to abide by the MSB Information Governance Policy, including the following directions:

  • Do not disclose, discuss or share any confidential information which has been shared with you as a member of the MSAB / MSCB with anyone outside of the MSAB / MSCB without the express permission of the Independent Chair.
  • Do not store MSAB / MSCB confidential information on your personal computer, personal device or USB unless your equipment has been authorised by your employing organisation as a ‘Bring Your Own Device’.
  • Do not use personal email accounts i.e. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo to send or receive MSAB / MSCB papers.
  • Do not share confidential information provided to you as a member of the MSAB / MSCB via social media.
  • If possible avoid printing any confidential reports or papers in relation to the MSAB / MSCB. Keep all printing to an absolute minimum for security and environmental purposes.
  • Do not leave confidential information provided to you by the MSAB / MSCB unattended.
  • Do not share your computer or email password with anyone or leave it written where others may see it.
  • Ensure that no one can view your computer screen/device when accessing MSAB / MSCB reports at home or in an unsecure area.
  • Ensure ALL (electronic and paper) MSAB / MSCB confidential reports are securely disposed of (paper records should be shredded, electronic data must be permanently deleted).
  • Ensure any MSAB / MSCB or sensitive/confidential documents downloaded are securely deleted from your personal PC/device.
  • Ensure you lock your PC/device when you are away from your desk or workstation.
  • Ensure you promptly report any loss, breach or unlawful disclosure of data to the MSB Business Manager.

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