Childcare professionals and staff/volunteers who work in early years settings see the children in their care on a regular basis and can make an important contribution to their protection. They are well placed to observe changes, identify concerns and support vulnerable children.

All early years settings should have a designated Child Protection Lead and deputising arrangements should also be put in place. Childminders who work alone are themselves the designated person.

Childminders and early years staff/volunteers should be aware of all related child safeguarding policies and procedures, e.g. guidance on safe play and equipment, safety on outings, security, staffing levels and complaints procedures. This should also include children uncollected from the setting and children missing from education.

It is essential that Childminders and staff/volunteers act on any concerns and follow all relevant child safeguarding policies and procedures.

Practitioners working in Early Years or as childminders are often able to spot safeguarding issues and abuse because of the close contact they have with the children and young people in their care.

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