The Manchester Safeguarding Partnership (MSP) has allocated £10,000 per annum for local third sector organisations in need of small grants to start or deliver specific services or activities relating to safeguarding children and adults who live in Manchester.

Funding criteria

You can apply for between £100 and £1,500.

The aim of this grant funding allowance is to provide small and unfunded groups the opportunity to secure safeguarding partnership funds in support of the priorities for keeping people of Manchester safe. Information about our work and priorities can be found in our strategic plan (webpage link).

The MSP steering group will allocate the funding to a group who plan to promote the priorities of the group. The MSP reserves the right to not allocate the full grants budget.

It can be used to fund a range of activities, campaigns, awareness raising, supporting people to safeguard others etc…

The MSP will expect the organisation to be able to report how the funding has been used and the difference that it has made.

Organisations will need to demonstrate:

  • That the proposed activity is new and innovative


Priority will be given to organisations which:

  • Can show that Manchester children, young people and adults are involved in the running and development of the activity
  • Are small and unfunded groups run by volunteers or no more than one paid staff member

Eligibility criteria 

To be considered for a small grant:

  1. Your organisation must exist as a not-for-profit voluntary or community organisation, club or association and have a constitution, or rules, or terms of reference.
  2. Your organisation must have a bank account in the organisation’s name that requires two unrelated people to sign cheques.
  3. Activities funded by the grant must be provided in the city and must directly benefit residents of Manchester.
  4. Organisations funded must have a management committee with at least three members, including Manchester residents and have a current policy on safeguarding and equalities of opportunity as a minimum policy requirement. (or subscribe to the relevant parts of MCC’s policies).


Funding will not be granted for:

  • Political aims, campaigns and lobbies
  • Services that promote religious interests and objectives
  • Individuals


Funding is not meant to support your organisation’s on-going running costs.

Organisations who have been awarded a grant in previous rounds but have yet to return completed any overdue monitoring information will not be eligible.


Only one grant per organisation will be awarded in any financial year this will be agreed in November and the money allocated in the April of the following year.

Only fully completed funding applications with the required supporting documentation will be considered.

You cannot apply for funding for activities or events that have already taken place.


Your application form will be used to assess how well you meet the funding criteria.

MSP partners may also contact your organisation by telephone or email for further information during the assessment process.

Unsuccessful groups, who may wish to re-apply with improved applications.

We expect to be able to inform groups of the outcome of their application within 8 weeks of submission.

Successful applicants are eligible to receive one grant per financial year (April to March). We keep tight records of who is in receipt of funding, in order to enforce the “one grant per year only” rule.

Organisations failing to deliver the service for which they were awarded grant will be required to repay the grant, or part of it, to the MSP.


If groups have problems delivering their funded services, it will be their responsibility to contact the MSP in order to discuss a solution.

Assessing officers may contact organisations by email or telephone for clarification during the assessment process.

Required supporting documentation

Budget for organisation: We would like to see your anticipated income and expenditure for the year, including subscriptions, grants or other income sources and how you intend to spend this. If you are a newly formed organisation seeking funding for startup costs, please explain this in a covering letter, which includes your organisation’s bank details and a bank statement. If you charge for services, you must include this information.

Constitution: This may take the form of Terms of Reference, agreed aims or objectives, or a formal constitution.

Signed Conditions of Grant Aid (we have included this within the application pack): This will help us to ensure that successful applicants receive their payment promptly. Follow the link in the application form to find the document.

The budget for small grants is usually oversubscribed. Therefore, it will not be possible to allocate funding to all applicants, and in many cases, only part of the requested sum will be awarded. Officers may prioritise a specific aspect of your project and award funding to reflect this. The MSP reserves the right not to allocate the full fast track small grants budget if sufficient good quality applications are received.

What happens next?

  • You submit your application during December to April.


  • Organisations will be notified about the outcome of their applications, usually two months after submitting it.


  • Successful applicants will receive their funding soon after notification.


  • Organisations will be required to submit a monitoring report, detailing how your grant has been spent (e.g. providing receipts) together with the outcomes of the service or activity. Failure to provide this information will affect any future applications for funding.


  • All funding must be spent within 12 months in Manchester, all outcomes will be reported in the MSP annual report (starting with payment date).


  • The MSP decision on your application will be final. Should your application not be successful, you will be given a reason why, but there is no procedure for appeal.


  • You are welcome to re-apply any time with a new or improved application.
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