Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy – advice for all

Some people who lack capacity need an advocate to represent their rights and defend what is in their best interests. These advocates are called Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCAs).

People who need decisions making for them about moving home, going into hospital, having treatment or being deprived of their liberty in order to receive the care they need might be eligible for an IMCA. Usually it is the professional involved with a person who refers them to the IMCA service.

In Manchester the IMCA service is provided by the Manchester Advocacy Hub – for more information about the Hub visit their website

Further Help
The Gaddum Centre provides a range of advocacy services  – contact them on tele: 0161 834 6069 or email to see if they can help or provide a service to you or visit their website for more information.

The Gaddum Centre also has specialist advocacy workers who can support with the following issues within the City of Manchester.

Carers’ Advocacy – Tele: 0161 214 3924 – or leave a message

Manchester’s Partnership for Older People Projects (POPP) – tele: 0161 214 3939 – or leave a message

Older People’s Advice and Advocacy Service – tele: 0161 214 3939 – or leave a message

Safeguarding Advocacy

All services are free and confidential and clients can request a home visit. For further information or general enquiries tele: 0161 834 3419 or email

Get help to make a complaint about NHS Services
Do you have a complaint about the care you have received from the NHS?

Independent Complaints Advocacy can help you make this complaint, by providing a free, confidential and independent service designed to help you understand your rights and make your voice heard – find out more on the Manchester Advocacy Hub website


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