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Abusive head trauma & ICON - advice & resources for all
Abusive head trauma is a preventable and severe form of physical child abuse. Trauma may result from shaking an infant...
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Accommodation for young people aged 16 & 17 - resources for practitioners
It is important to remember that a child running away and choosing to be homeless may not have planned to...
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Adult abuse - advice for all
Adults can be abused in many different ways. Some groups, such as the elderly and frail, are at particular risk...
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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – resources for practitioners
Everyone goes through stress as a child - failing at something we cared about, having to move house or change...
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Advocacy for children - resources for practitioners
Advocacy is about speaking up for children and young people and helping them take part in decisions that affect their...
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Affiliated Boards - our Inter Board Protocol
The MSP is affiliated to a number of other statutory boards. Our Inter Board Protocol  Safeguarding is everyone’s business and...
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Age restricted products & solvent abuse - advice for all
The law makes the selling of age restricted products to those under age a criminal offence, with various penalties. Retailers...
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Alcohol & substance misuse - advice for all
It is estimated that around 200,000 adults are currently receiving treatment for substance misuse problems and of these one third...
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Allegations management / Designated Officer - resources for practitioners
These resources are to support professionals managing allegations and relate to the role of the MCC Designated Officer (formerly known...
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Animal abuse & the link to family violence - advice for practitioners
While many people consider animal abuse and family violence to be two separate issues, studies suggest that they are actually...
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Behaviour management & discipline strategies - advice for practitioners
Physical punishment is using any physical force to punish a child for wrongdoing. There is no justification for smacking or...
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Bereavement - support for all
The death of a loved one can be devastating. Bereavement affects people in different ways. There is no right or...
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Breast ironing / flattening - advice for practitioners
Professionals working with children and young people must be able to identify the signs and symptoms of girls who are...
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Bruising / Marks on non-mobile infants - guidance for practitioners
Infants who have yet to acquire independent mobility (rolling/crawling) should not have bruises/ marks or other injuries without a clear...
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Bulletins from the MSP
As part of our aim to improve communications and support awareness raising we aim to send out regular e-bulletins. Our...
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COVID 19 - Information for All
During the current COVID-19 arrangements, more people will be volunteering and coming across people and situations they have not seen...
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CSE - advice for children & young people
It’s not okay for someone to manipulate you into doing sexual things for their own or someone else’s benefit. If...
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CSE - resources for families & the community
Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse in which children are sexually exploited for money, power or...
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Care homes - advice for all
If you are starting to think about finding a care home for yourself or a friend or family member, speak...
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Child Development Stages - advice for practitioners
This resource provide examples illustrating expected development for children aged between one month and five years. They consider the following...
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Child Exploitation - resources for practitioners & volunteers
Child exploitation refers to the use of children for someone else's advantage, gratification or profit often resulting in unjust, cruel...
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Child Health - supporting practitioners with advice and resources for all
Immunisations and Vaccinations The NHS provides a checklist of the vaccines that are routinely offered to everyone in the UK...
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Child Practice Reviews - resources for practitioners
Child Practice Reviews (CPR) or Serious Case Reviews (SCR) play a vital role in helping practitioners and organisations to continually...
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Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS) - resources for practitioners
The Child Protection - Information Sharing project (CP-IS) is helping health and social care staff to share information securely to...
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Child Protection functions - resources for all
Manchester resources relating to the Child Protection (CP) functions can be found on the GMSP procedures. Partner Agency reports for Child...
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Child Trafficking - advice & resources for practitioners
Child trafficking is child abuse. Children are recruited, moved or transported and then exploited, forced to work or sold. Children...
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Child abuse linked to faith or belief - advice for practitioners
Child abuse linked to a faith or belief occurs across the country. In such cases a parent or carer has come...
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Child in Need - resources for all
All Child in Need cases open to Manchester City Council (MCC) Children’s Services must have a Child in Need (CiN) Plan...
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Child safety & accident prevention - advice & resources for all
Preventing childhood accidents is vital in ensuring all children grow up in a safe, stimulating environment. Practitioners from all agencies...
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Child sex offender disclosure scheme - advice for practitioners
The child sex offender disclosure scheme (CSOD) was rolled out across all England and Wales police forces in 2011, following...
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Childhood obesity and neglect - resources for practitioners
Obesity in childhood is a significant public health issue. The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) measures the height and weight...
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Children & young people in hospital - advice for practitioners
The MSB has adopted the relevant chapters of the GMSP procedures to provide guidance to practitioners and assist them to...
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Children & young people with potentially acute health conditions - advice for practitioners & carers
The contribution of multi-agency partners in supporting children, young people, parents and carers to safeguard those with acute and chronic...
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Children Missing from Education - advice for practitioners
Statutory guidance for local authorities, and advice for other groups, on helping children who are missing education get back into...
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Children in entertainment & employment (CEE) - advice for all
If a young person has a part time job, are aged between 13 and 16, and are still at school...
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Children’s health & parents related by blood – advice for all
What is consanguinity? Consanguinity refers to relationships between blood relatives e.g. first cousins which is common in a number of...
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Chronology writing - guidance for practitioners
A chronology seeks to provide a clear account of all significant events in a child, young person or adult's life to date....
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Clare's Law - advice for all
The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) - commonly known as ‘Clare’s law’ - allows individuals to ask the police to check whether...
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Coercive control, controlling behaviour & psychological abuse - advice for all
Psychological abuse is common, but too few people understand the definition of this well enough to spot it at an...
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Communication & engagement - resources for all
Our communication and engagement activities help us 'join the dots' to ensure safeguarding is everyone's business - to do this...
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Complex Safeguarding in Manchester - resources for practitioners
Complex Safeguarding is a term used to describe criminal activity (often organised) or behaviour associated with criminality, involving children and...
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Compromised parenting - resources for practitioners
Compromised Parenting is a term used to describe situations when parents' capacity to safeguard and appropriately care for their child(ren)...
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Concealed or denied pregnancy - advice for practitioners
In a concealed pregnancy, a woman is aware of the pregnancy but does not tell professionals, or may hide the...
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Connected carers - advice & resources for practitioners
Kinship Care A kinship carer looks after the child of a relative or friend on a full time basis, whether...
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Consent Policy for children & young people - resources for practitioners
It is expected that practitioners working with children and families will discuss their intention to refer a safeguarding concern to...
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Coping with traumatic events - advice for all
A traumatic event is a shocking, scary, or dangerous experience that affects someone emotionally. These situations may be natural, like...
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Councillors & Local Authority Members - useful resources
The local authority (the Council) has statutory responsibilities to safeguard children (Children Act 1989) and vulnerable adults (Care Act 2014)....
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Criminal Exploitation - information for practitioners
Children, young people or adults who are used, through whatever means, to engage in criminal activity by other young people...
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Cross boundary cases - advice for practitioners
Children and families move across Local Authority boundaries for many reasons. If a referral relates to a child who is...
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Cuckooing - advice for all
'Cuckooing' is when professional criminals target the homes of vulnerable adults so they can use the property for drug-dealing and...
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Cultural awareness - advice for practitioners
Although some cultural practices are subjective as to whether they constitute abuse, there are a number which can be definitely...
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Dangerous Dogs - advice for all
Unfortunately, over the years there have been some very sad cases where children have been serious injured or killed by...
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Disabled & SEN children - advice for practitioners
A child could be considered to have disabilities if they have significant problems with communication, comprehension, vision, hearing or physical...
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Disrespect NoBody campaign
The Disrespect NoBody campaign builds on the Government’s previous This is Abuse campaign and is aimed at preventing abusive behaviours...
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Domestic Homicide Reviews - information for practitioners
The Manchester Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is responsible for undertaking Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR) where the death of a person aged...
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Domestic Violence & Abuse - resources for all
Domestic violence and abuse (DVA) is the abuse of someone within an intimate or family relationship. It is the repeated,...
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Early Help Assessment Journey - resources for practitioners
"Early Help is intervening early and as soon as possible to tackle problems emerging for children, young people and their...
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Early Years - advice for childcare practitioners & childminders
Childcare professionals and staff/volunteers who work in early years settings see the children in their care on a regular basis...
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Easy Read resources - advice for all
Resources developed by Shared Lives Manchester to support their service users and to assist other partners: Adult Safeguarding - Shared...
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Employing a carer - advice for all
If you employ somebody to help care for you or provide you with support, it is important that you are...
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Escalating a concern or resolving professional differences - advice for practitioners
What to do when you are concerned about a decision or practice in a case involving a child or young...
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Events & festivals - safeguarding advice for organisers
Running events can present a variety of additional safeguarding challenges. Considerations need to be made about issues including security and...
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FGM - resources for practitioners
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is the partial or total removal of external female genitalia for non-medical reasons. It is also...
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Fabricated or induced illness - advice for practitioners
Fabricated or induced illness (FII) is a rare form of child abuse. It occurs when a parent or carer, usually...
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Familial sexual abuse - information for practitioners
Intra-familial child sexual abuse refers to child sexual abuse (CSA) that occurs within a family environment. Perpetrators may or may...
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Families of offenders - resources for practitioners
There are a range of resources available for practitioners who are working with offenders' families and children. NICCO (the National...
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Fathers - resources for practitioners
Fathers matter a great deal to children; they play a significant role within the family, whether or not they are...
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Forced Marriage - advice for young people
A forced marriage is one that is carried out without the consent of both people. This is very different to...
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Forced Marriage and Honour Based Abuse - advice for families & the community
Forced Marriage A forced marriage is where one or both people do not (or in cases of people with learning...
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Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence & Abuse - resources for practitioners
Forced Marriage A forced marriage is where one or both people do not (or in cases of people with learning...
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Foster Care Agencies, Children's Homes & ISA Providers - resources for practitioners
Independent Care Home Providers The Children’s Homes Regulation 2015 introduced duties for managers of children’s homes and prospective providers of new...
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Fostering & support - advice for practitioners
Fostering is a way of providing a family life for children who cannot live with their own parents. It is...
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Fraud, scams & safety - advice for all
Scams hit the headlines almost every day with British consumers estimated to lose around £3.5 billion every year – the...
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Gambling establishments - safeguarding advice for premises
The Gambling Act 2005 promotes safer practice at premises where gambling activities take place. Under this legislation, licensees and their...
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Gambling – advice for all
Gambling is taking part in a game or activity where you risk losing something, usually money, in order to try...
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Gang activity & serious youth violence - advice for practitioners
There are a number of areas in which young people are put at risk by gang activity, both through participation...
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General Practitioners - useful safeguarding links & resources
Our aim is to share current and relevant updates and topics relating to safeguarding that may be of interest to...
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Glossary of terms: adults safeguarding
This resource explains the meaning of commonly used terms relating to safeguarding adults. Abuse Includes physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, financial, material, neglect, acts...
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Glossary of terms: children’s safeguarding
Terminology in the area of safeguarding children can be complex and changes as services are reshaped. This glossary sets out what...
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Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children – advice for all
There are several different groups of Gypsies and Travellers living in England, including Romany Gypsies, Irish Travellers and New Travellers and...
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Hard to engage families - advice for practitioners
All agencies and organisations should devise and implement policies on working to engage with children, young people and their families...
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Harmful sexual behaviours - advice for practitioners
Harmful sexual behaviour includes: using sexually explicit words and phrases inappropriate touching using sexual violence or threats full penetrative sex...
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Hate Crime - advice for all
Hate incidents and hate crime are acts of violence or hostility directed at people because of who they are or...
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Head Lice Infestation - advice for all
Professionals working in schools and other organisations should be aware that a 'Severe and Persistent Infestation' of head lice or...
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Health Practitioners - useful links & resources
This resource is provided jointly by the Manchester Safeguarding Boards (MSB) and the Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) Safeguarding...
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Herbert Protocol & dementia - advice for all
The Herbert Protocol is named after George Herbert, a war veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia. This...
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Hidden men - resources for practitioners
The NSPCC has published a thematic briefing about learning from case reviews related to hidden men. Learning includes: professionals should...
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Hoarding - advice & resources for all
Compulsive hoarding is a debilitating psychological condition that is only just beginning to be recognised. A very basic description of...
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Homelessness - advice for practitioners
Homelessness covers a wide range of circumstances from sleeping on the streets, to families living in bed and breakfast hotels,...
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Housing Services - information for providers & safeguarding practitioners
Housing staff have a key safeguarding role to play, alongside their colleagues in social care, health and the police, in...
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Housing and Homelessness - advice for all
Manchester City Council and partners have produced some excellent booklets that give a step-by-step guide through housing options and provide...
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Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy - advice for all
Some people who lack capacity need an advocate to represent their rights and defend what is in their best interests....
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Information Governance - resources for all
Information governance (IG) covers the way the Partnership and its members handle the often sensitive information it needs to share...
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Initial Family and Friends Care Assessment: A good practice guide
A good practice guide on initial family and friends care assessments has been launched by Family Rights Group. The guide...
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Jargon buster: acronyms list
Here are some of the acronyms and jargon you might come across in safeguarding work. Terminology is complex and changing...
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Knife crime – information for all
Knife crime is any crime that involves a sharp or bladed instrument, and can include anything from a kitchen knife...
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Learning from Practice
The Boards have a duty under Working Together and the Care Act to “learn from practice” where something has happened...
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Leaving care - advice for young people
If you are a young person leaving care you may need help moving into adulthood – living independently and making...
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Legislation & government guidance
There are a number of key pieces of legislation and government guidance that support the work of the Boards.
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Levels of Need (multi-agency decisions framework)
The MCC Early Help Strategy 2018/21 and its supporting documents can be found in the Early Help Practitioner Zone within...
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Licensing resources - for businesses & event organisers
Since the introduction of Local Safeguarding Boards in 2006, changes have been made to the way in which premises such...
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Local Authority staff - resources
Manchester City Council Find information and resources: about Early Help in the Early Help Practitioner zone Help and Support Manchester...
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MARAC and SARAC - advice for practitioners
MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference) Across Greater Manchester services are working together to stop domestic abuse and help anyone...
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MSAB business documents
Download or view the business documents of the Manchester Safeguarding Adults Board. Downloads on this page:
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MSCB business documents
Download or view the business documents of the former Manchester Safeguarding Children Board.
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MSP Business Document Management - advice for partners
Our Business Document Management process ensures the consistent development, implementation and review of multi-agency business documents, policies and procedures, and...
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MSP Complaints Protocol - advice for all
A complaint may be made by any professional or member of the public about the way we have carried out...
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MSP Policies & Strategies - Adults
On this page you will find a list of all MSP Policies and Strategies relating to Adults MSP Complex Safeguarding...
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Making Safeguarding Personal - advice for all
“Ensuring every citizen in Manchester is able to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. Everyone who lives or...
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Manchester Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)
Since 1 April 2008, there has been a legal requirement that Child Death Overview Panels (CDOP) conduct a review for...
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Manchester Children & Young People's Plan
All parts of the city have a role in supporting our children and young people, not least families. Manchester’s Children...
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Manchester Safeguarding Standard
The Manchester Safeguarding Partnership expects all providers and commissioners of services for adults at risk and children to adhere to...
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Mate crime - advice for all
Mate Crime is a form of hate crime and can become a very serious form of abuse. Mate Crime is...
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Mental Capacity & Deprivation of Liberty - advice & resources for all
Every day we make decisions about our lives. These decisions could be about simple things like what we eat and...
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Mental health - resources for all
It can be difficult to maintain good mental health in the face of everyday hassles. It is common for people to worry...
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Mind of My Own Apps - resources for practitioners
The Mind of My Own App is used by local authorities as a way of capturing the wishes and feelings...
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Missing adults - advice for all
If an adult who has learning difficulties or a condition such as Alzheimer’s goes missing you should always call the...
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Missing children - advice for all
Every situation is different and there are no set rules about when a child should be considered missing; however if...
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Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking - resources for practitioners
Modern slavery includes: slavery human trafficking and exploitation forced labour and domestic servitude. Traffickers and slave masters use whatever means they...
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Modern Slavery & Trafficking campaign toolkit - resources for all
“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say that you did not know.” William...
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Neglect Strategy - information for practitioners working with children & young people
Neglect can result when adults fail to meet the basic physical and /or emotional needs of the children they are...
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Neglect campaign toolkit - resources for all
We have launched a Neglect Campaign toolkit to highlight the issue of neglect, how to spot the signs and what to...
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Off-road Bikes - Safety advice for all
In 2016 in the UK there were over 300 fatalities and over 5,500 people seriously injured from motorcycle related incidents....
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Online learning with other providers - free to all
There are a number of online learning tools on safeguarding issues that are available to practitioners, volunteers and the public. The following...
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Online learning with the MSP
There are various sources of online learning available to professionals, practitioners and volunteers who work in Manchester. Whilst we recognise that this...
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Online safety - advice for parents & carers
Few parents or carers understand their children's new cyber culture. They do not understand what they are doing (and how...
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Online safety - advice for practitioners
The internet is a great way for children and adults to connect with others and learn new things. As interactions between...
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Parental Substance Misuse - advice for practitioners
Parental misuse of drugs or alcohol becomes relevant to child protection when the misuse of the substances impacts on the...
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Photographing children & young people - advice for practitioners & volunteers
Agencies frequently use photographs of children, young people and adults in printed publications and on websites to publicise services or...
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Police - useful links & resources for partners
Greater Manchester Police (GMP) The GMP website contains a wide range of information for practitioners and the public - visit...
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Prevent (radicalisation and extremism) - resources for practitioners
Radicalisation refers to the process by which a person comes to support terrorism and forms of extremism leading to terrorism....
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Private Fostering - advice for practitioners
A child or young person is privately fostered if they are under 16 (or 18 if disabled) and looked after...
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Private fostering - advice for children, young people & families
Are you under 16 (or under 18 if you have a disability) and living with an adult who is not your parent...
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Probation & Youth Justice services - advice for practitioners
Probation & Youth Justice services – advice for front line staff Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company Visit
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Professional curiosity & challenge - resources for practitioners
Nurturing professional curiosity and challenge are a fundamental aspect of working together to keep children, young people and adults safe....
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Public data - safeguarding in context
When looking at the performance of the work of the Boards it is important that we understand the context of the...
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Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement - information for partners
Multi-agency quality assurance and performance improvement activities are key functions of the Partnership and allow us to monitor and evaluate...
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Restorative justice - advice for practitioners
Restorative justice brings those harmed by crime or conflict and those responsible for the harm into communication, enabling everyone affected...
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Road Safety - advice for all
An increase in road deaths among older motorists and child pedestrians is a serious concern, according to the Royal Society...
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SEND the 'Manchester Local Offer' - information for all
The Local Offer is the name for all the activities, services, advice and support across Manchester for children and young...
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SMART Planning - tips for practitioners
Case reviews have regularly raised concerns about planning e.g. lack of focus, plans not reflecting identified concerns, over optimism and...
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Safeguarding Adult Reviews - resources for practitioners
The aim of a Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) is to carry out a multi-agency review which seeks to determine what...
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Safeguarding Alert - advice for adults
If a you or someone else reports abuse, this is called making a Safeguarding Alert. A Safeguarding Coordinator will then work...
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Safeguarding Policy - advice for partners
As part of the Manchester Safeguarding Standard, the MSAB and MSCB require all partners to have safeguarding policies and procedures that...
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Safeguarding adults multi-agency policies & procedures - resources for practitioners
Safeguarding adults is far more than a set of guidance or procedures; it is all we do in all our...
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Safer recruitment (employment & volunteering with children) - advice for practitioners
Safer recruitment is central to the safeguarding of children and young people. All organisations which employ staff or volunteers to...
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Safer sleeping & reducing the risk of sudden infant death - resources for practitioners to share
A significant safeguarding theme across the country and locally is the risk factors associated with Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI)....
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Schools and Early Years - useful links & resources
Safeguarding Updates for Schools  Issued by the Safeguarding in Education Team - these newsletters will keep schools and early years providers...
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Self neglect - advice for all
Safeguarding adults is about protecting those at risk of harm (vulnerable adults) from suffering abuse or neglect. It is recognised...
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Separation and divorce - resources for all
Many children and young people will experience the separation and divorce of their parents. When a relationship breaks down, it...
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Service offer in the City for Domestic Violence & Abuse
Domestic violence and abuse is the abuse of someone within an intimate or family relationship. It is the repeated, random...
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Seven minute briefings - resources for all
We have introduced 'seven minute briefings' to allow managers to deliver a short briefing to staff regarding on key topics...
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Sexting - resources for practitioners & parents
Sexting is when someone sends or receives a sexually explicit image, video or text, usually on a mobile phone. Sexting...
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Sexuality - resources for all
Sexuality and sexual orientation is about who a person is physically and emotionally attracted to. Everyone has a sexual orientation...
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Sexually active under 18s - resources for practitioners
Procedures have been devised with the understanding that most young people under the age of 18 will have a healthy...
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Signs of Safety - resources for practitoners
Manchester is one of many local authorities implementing the Signs of Safety approach to help protect children, which means practitioners will see...
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Smoking & related issues - safeguarding advice for all
Make your home and car smoke free to prevent fires and protect children and other people who live with you....
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Stalking & harassment - advice for all
Stalking can be defined as persistent and unwanted attention where the victim feels pestered and harassed. There are many forms...
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Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood (SUDC) - advice for practitioners
The death of a child or young person is always sad. Talking and thinking about a child's death is a...
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Suicide & Self Harm by children & young people - advice for practitioners & parents
Any child or young person who self-harms or expresses thoughts about this or about suicide must be taken seriously and...
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Supervision - guidance for practitioners
Supervision (sometimes referred to a clinical supervision) should be offered to all staff whose work brings them into contact with children,...
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Taxis & private hire - safeguarding & safety handbook
A Safeguarding and Safety Handbook has been produced by Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police in conjunction with organisations representing...
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Tips for single agency (in-house) training
All Partnership agencies are responsible for ensuring that their workforce is competent and confident in carrying out its responsibilities for...
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Together We Can Tackle Child Abuse Campaign - resources for all
The Together, we can tackle child abuse campaign was launched by the Department for Education with the support of local...
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Trust Your Instinct
We work with Manchester people every day, so our Trust your instinct booklet aims to help you know what to...
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Unaccompanied asylum seeking children - resources for practitioners
Unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people (UASC), also known as separated children or unaccompanied minors, are children who are...
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Unborn babies & vulnerable pregnant women - resource for practitioners
One in four women experience domestic violence and abuse at some point in their lives. This may be physical, sexual, emotional...
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Unpaid or Informal Carers - advice for all
An unpaid or informal carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness,...
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Use of social media by practitioners & volunteers - advice for all
Digital technology has become an important part of everyday life; however an increasing number of cases where workplace practice has...
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Useful links & publications
This resource is to assist practitioners by providing links to (hopefully) useful websites; however we do not endorse these sites.  If you...
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Voice of the child - resources for practitioners
When working with children or young people it is essential to gain a clear picture of their wishes, thoughts and...
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Voluntary Sector & Faith Groups
The MSB are aware that many voluntary, community and faith groups and supplementary schools may need support in ensuring their safeguarding arrangements...
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Vulnerable Witnesses – awareness for practitioners
Effective communication and partnership working between the Police, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), intermediary services, social care services and the wider...
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What is abuse - easy read version
Who is an adult at risk of harm? An adult at risk of harm is someone who is over 18...
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What is child abuse?
Abuse (also called Significant Harm) can happen to a child at any age. Abusers can be adults but not just...
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What is safeguarding?
Safeguarding refers to the multi-agency procedures for protecting children, young people or adults from abuse or neglect. If you are...
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Whistleblowing - advice for practitioners
Whistleblowing is the term used when a worker passes on information concerning wrongdoing. Government guidance calls it “making a disclosure”...
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Working Together 2018
Reviewed and re-published on 4th July 2018, Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018  sets out the requirements for improved partnerships...
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Young carers - advice for all
Young carers are children and young people who spend time looking after someone else - usually a family member who...
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The MSP Managing High Risk Together Pathway is to be used in situations where th ...



The Manchester Safeguarding Partnership (MSP) partners are clear about their res ...




The Manchester Safeguarding Partnership (MSP) partners are clear about their res...



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